Giornata – Snail Prize


470 Marquita Ave.

tel. (805) 435-3075

4 ac – 42,000 bt

‘‘Stephanie Terrizzi is one of the most well respected vineyard managers in Paso Robles. Her commitment to agriculture in respect of the environment and biodiversity is impressive and exemplary”



Brian and Stephanie Terrizzi consider wine an inextricable part of the meal. Brian explains that in Italy, you don’t have wine without food and you don’t have food without wine. That is why they recently opened Etto, an Italian grocery store, wherein they make and sell fresh pasta. It is right around the corner from their Tin City winery where they produce some of the purest expressions of Italian varietals in California.



By using her intimate knowledge of the region’s vineyards, Giornata culls some of the region’s finest fruit. Notably, the Luna Matta vineyard (CCOF) boasts calcareous clay loam suitable for Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, and Aglianico. Their own Giornata Estate Vineyard is also producing fine examples of Nebbiolo and other Italian varieties, which will make its debut in the 2018 vintage.




The il Campo Bianco 2017 is a Falanghina and Vermentino blend that combines peach and apple with a zesty lemon finish. The Barbera 2017 (Everyday wine) is perfect for Beaujolais Cru lovers. It’s a bright purple color with red cherry, black raspberry, and a slight gamey note which gives it depth and finesse. Stephanie’s Luna Matta Vineyard gives us the Luna Matta Vineyard Nebbiolo 2015. This vineyard’s red clay soil has the same pH and calcium as Barolo’s famous blue clay soil, making it an ideal place to grow Nebbiolo. Deep, smoky charcoal notes give it a satisfying earthy characteristic layered with classic rose petals and black plums. The French Camp Vineyard Aglianico 2016 is also not to be missed: full of dark cocoa, deep tannins, plum, and smoked meat.



FERTILIZERS compost, green manure, manure

PLANT PROTECTION copper and sulfur

WEED CONTROL mechanical, mowing

YEASTS spontaneous fermentation

GRAPES purchase 90%