During summer and spring, we carry out most of the visits to the wineries with a view to produce the new edition of Slow Wine Guide. Besides returning to the cellars already presented in the past editions, we visit new realities and search for hidden treasures throughout Italy.

In this journey, we spot so many exciting wineries. Unfortunately, a great many cannot be included in the guide, either due to lack of space or to the necessity of further observation before making substitutions.

Too often these are wineries deserve to be worthy of attention and they most likely will impress you. That’s why we decided to report one of them each week within this column.



Via Libertà, 27

98050 Isola di Salina (ME) – Sicily – Italy

+ 39 339 5098292



Despite the accent from the north, Salvatore D’Amico is the son of the Salina Island. The history of the wine he produces has its origins in the nineteenth century when his vineyards were run by his grandfather. It is said that even the Savoia Family drank his Malvasia wine. Salvatore’s approach to the world of wine is linear, as he avoids useless frills. Things only got better since he meet Salvo Foti ten years ago.



Salvatore took over D’amico’s management in 1972 and, in 1993 he converted the vineyards to biological management. In addition to the 18 hectares of vines, the winery also cultivate capers and olive trees. The major part of the vines is located in Valdichiesa, which is 400 meters above sea level, between the Felci and the Porri mountains. Ruvoli, Scurici, and Leni are the principal vineyards parcels, which are organized in a training system that are able to protect them from the excessive summer heat.



The Tenuta Valdichiesa 2017 is a blend of Cataratto, Inzolia, and Malvasia. It has aromas of sorrel, sage and white-fleshed fruits, with a pleasant sapidity, also find on the palate. The Ambra 2015 is an eclectic wine, it is a fresh wine, with aromas of white fruit and iodine hints that soften the texture. On the palate, initially, it is very pungent but evolves into a persistent sapid finish. The Malvasia Delle Lipari Passito 2013 has aromas of dehydrated peach. On the palate, it continues with a very succulent sip with apricot flavor. Unfortunately, the aftertaste is bitter and unfinished.


FERTILIZERS green manure

PLANT PROTECTION copper and sulfur

WEED CONTROL mechanical

YEASTS spontaneous fermentation

GRAPES 100% estate-grow