Meet our field editors: Leslie Rosa, writer, sommelier, gastronomic entrepreneur

As editor in chief Giancarlo Gariglio likes to point out, one of the things that sets the Slow Wine guide apart from others is the fact that “it tells the grape growers’ and winemakers’ stories.” We make a point of visiting every estate in person in order to better learn and tell those stories. And it wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable help of our contributing “field editors.” The following is the first in a series of posts about them. The Slow Wine 2019 tour begins Monday, March 4 in San Francisco. Click here for tour dates and registration details.

Leslie Rosa
contributing editor
Slow Wine California 2019

After a decade of working in the art world for eminent institutions and artists in New York, London, and Mexico City, Leslie Rosa moved to Italy, fell in love with Italian wine, and became a certified sommelier with the Associazione Italiana Sommelier. She lived for a year in Tuscany (Siena) and three years in Veneto (Venice), during which she traveled extensively throughout the country, seeking out small wineries that have a story to tell, local gastronomic wonders, cultural gems and experiences that exude the good life before moving to northern California and founding La Dolce Vigna Wine + Culture Tour Co. five years ago.