Piedrasassi – Snail PrizeSashi Moorman, the winemaker


1501 E. Chestnut Ave.

tel. (805) 736-6784



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‘‘Sashi Moorman does not call himself a “natural’ winemaker.” He simply “makes wine naturally.” That means an awareness that goes beyond mere organic practices. Perhaps it is his holistic approach that has made Moorman such a sought-after, wildly prolific winemaker and consultant’’



Piedrasassi also farms its own heirloom grains, which are hand-milled by Moorman’s partner, the highly talented Melissa Sorongon. Sorongon manages the bakery, which boasts a custom, hand-built, brick oven. Fresh bread is available at their bakery in Lompoc and at the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market every weekend.



The focus here is on cool-climate Syrah, and fruit is sourced from a num- ber of vineyards in Santa Barbara County whose unique characteristics and cool growing zones produce distinct fruit with a sense of place.





Whole cluster fermentation plays a big role in Moorman’s supple and herbaceous wines. The Arroyo Grande Valley Syrah 2015 (Great wine) from Rim Rock Vineyards is a dark, brooding shade of red. Whole-cluster pressed, it overflows with garden aromas: ripe tomato, bell pepper, and black pepper join arms with sour cherry, grilled meats, and a touch of smoke. The Santa Maria Valley Syrah 2015 is from Bien Nacido Vineyards. This neon purple wine is less vegetal than the Arroyo Grande Valley, with bright blueberry and a touch of charred meat. The Santa Rita Hills Syrah 2015 from Sebastiano Vineyards is limber and fresh, reminiscent of under-ripe berries with a touch of spearmint.


FERTILIZERS compost, green manure Arroyo Grande Valley Syrah 2015

PLANT PROTECTION copper and sulfur

WEED CONTROL mechanical

YEASTS spontaneous fermentation

GRAPES purchase 100%