Johan Vineyards – Snail Prize


4285 N Pacific Hwy (99W)

tel. (866) 379-6029

86 ac – 90,000 bt


‘‘The Johan mission is engineered around elegant wines, swimming in nuance. An estate enterprise drawing from a large and eclectic vineyard, Johan has tremendous flexibility regarding what it makes”



Dag Johan Sundby bought the 175-acre property in 2005, pre-planted, but worked tirelessly with winegrower Dan Rinke to graft on new varietals and push the whole project towards organic and Biodynamic territory. Sundby had just arrived from his native Norway, armed with love for Pinot Noir amid still reasonable Willamette Valley land prices. He brought on Dan Rinke a couple of years later, who had previously been bouncing around the harvest cycle at California labels like Domaine Alfred and Rhys Vineyards. The two have formed a solid partnership built around organic farming and minimalist winemaking, raising Johan’s status to model Oregon farm and producer.



Johan’s 85-acre estate encompasses one of the prettier stretches of the mid-Willamette Valley, flanked by rolling hills and elder oak trees. Thirteen varietals grow in their certified Biodynamic vineyard, including lesser-knowns like Zweigelt, Mondeuse, and Kerner. Set beside the Van Duzer Corridor, Johan’s fruit enjoys the cool marine air and cooler evening temperatures, ideal for flavor development.




The Blaufrankisch 2014 is a plunge into a berry patch, with deep huckleberry notes and a stemmy, tannic finish. The Nils Pinot Noir 2013, the product of a somewhat volatile Willamette Valley growing season, is a lovely and expressive mix of baking spices, green pepper, and dark fruit.



Drueskall Pinot Gris 2014

Is an extended skin contact wine that is packed with puckering tannins and aromas and flavors of peach pits, ripe persimmons, orange peel and home-made bitters.




WEED CONTROL mechanical, mowing

YEASTS spontaneous fermentation

GRAPES 100% estate-grown