Folded Hills – Snail Prize


2323 Old Coast Hwy.

tel. (805) 694-8086

13 ac – 33,000 bt


‘‘There couldn’t be a better estate to represent the marriage of sustainable viticulture and extreme value in the final product. Across the board, the wines from this estate have impressed our tasting panel with their focus and approachability”



Folded Hills is a relatively new project by Kim and Andy Busch, longtime residents of the Santa Ynez Valley. The winery rounds out the farmstead and ranch operations at their family estate with operations managed by their winemaker Angela Osborne and their vineyard manager Ruben Solorzano.



Folded Hills has strict standards that incorporate some biodynamic practices into an organic farming regimen, all of which is led and managed by an in-house team with various intercropping methods being used to bring more nutrients to the soil. The focus is on cool-climate Rhône varieties, with the majority of acreage dedicated to Syrah and Grenache. Some fruit is purchased from organically farmed vineyards in the valley as well.




The Santa Ynez Valley Estate Grenache 2016 (Great wine) delivers confident but graceful notes of violet on the nose followed by rich texture and zinging acidity that buoy the richness of the red and berry fruit in the mouth. Sourced from Stolpman estate, one of Santa Barbara’s most renowned growers, the Ballard Canyon Roussanne 2015 is deliciously and varietally expressive with notes of stone and dried stone fruit. The Ballard Canyon Syrah 2016 is classic in style, arguably the most “French” of the winery’s current offerings, with smokiness and dark red fruit on the nosed followed by rich red and ripe red fruit in the mouth. The juiciness of this wine is complemented by its rich texture and weight.




WEED CONTROL mechanical, mowing

YEASTS spontaneous fermentation

GRAPES purchase 10%