Corison – Bottle Prize


987 Saint Helena Hwy.

tel. (707) 963-0826

13 ac – 36,000 bt



The inimitable Cathy Corison is a woman who needs no introduction, her quiet trailblazing and steadfast commitment to Na- pa terroir long ago having made a mark on the California wine industry. 2017 saw her 40th commercial vintage and 2018 will be the 33rd harvest for her eponymous winery, where she still reigns as head winemaker and viticulturist. In 2015 Corison was fortunate enough to take ownership of the nearby Sunbasket vineyard, from which she had sourced for over 25 years. Planted and named by renowned winemaker André Tchelistcheff, the more than 60-year-old Cabernet Sauvignon vines are now highlighted in their own single vineyard bottling.



The winery is located just west of Napa’s Hwy29 in St. Helena. When Corison purchased the estate in 1995, the vines on site were already remarkably aged for the time, and now at 47 years they are some of the oldest in the valley. Conventionally farmed by the previous owner, she immediately converted to organic, though it took some years to acclimate the roots to dry farming. She dubbed her new gravely loamy vineyard Kronos after the Greek titan and son of heaven and earth, because for Corison wine lies somewhere in between.


In a break from her house Cabernet style and Napa tradition, the Corazón 2016 is a Gewürztraminer sourced from Anderson Valley, a wine with ripe peaches, fresh rose, grapefruit, lychee, and a grating of ginger all snapped into line by a steak of refreshing acidity. The Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 (Great wine) offers a kaleidoscope of fruit; red cherries, raspberries, plum, and cassis proliferate on the palate, powdered by hints of dusty earth, violets, hibiscus, and garrigue. The wine’s dense core is made pliant by a collection of tannins so willowy they are almost imperceptible.



PLANT PROTECTION copper and sulfur

WEED CONTROL mechanical

YEASTS commercial cultured yeasts, spontaneous fermentation

GRAPES purchase 34%