Baker Lane Vineyards – Best Value Prize


7361 Baker Lane

tel. (707) 823-2496

6ac – 24,000bt



Stephen Singer thrives in the convergence between the serendipitous and the technical, San Francisco thus beng a natural and fortuitous city in which to land. After years as a wine educator and consultant in the city and wine director of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, he changed gears and moved to Sebastapol to try his hand at the other side of the business; a natural progression for whom one’s life has been dedicated to the art of wine. With a love for the wild and transparent nature of Syrah and a penchant for pairing food and wine, Singer planted the Rhône variety with the aim of making site expressive, food friendly wines.



In a cool, hidden valley just a stone’s throw from the Gravenstein Highway lies Singer’s home vineyard. The gently sloped hillside is planted to Syrah and Viognier, as well as rows of olive trees and the remnants of an apple orchard, a common relic given the fruit’s prominence in the area. Though not certified, the farming practices are beyond organic, employing an assiduous agricultural regimen in order to avoid any chemical shortcuts.




The Rosé of Syrah 2017 (Everyday wine) shows notes of berry, red, and stone fruit with a hint of tarragon. The Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2016 (Everyday wine) offers notes of dark, ripe berries and plums with a touch of leather. The muscular Sonoma Coast Syrah 2014 delivers dark fruit, pepper, and other spices with a streak of eucalyptus.




WEED CONTROL mechanical, mowing

YEASTS commercial cultured yeasts, spontaneous fermentation

GRAPES purchase 50%