21 new Snail wineries in Slow Wine 2020!

ChiocciolaThe Slow Wine 2020 guide shows 21 new wineries that received our Snail Award! A Snail winery is one “…that we particularly like for the way it interprets Slow Food values (sensory perceptions, territory, environment, identity).” Their wines represent the terroir, have a good quality-price ratio considering the environment they are produced in and represent a paragon of sustainable viticulture! We can surely say that, among the prizes we assign every year, this one is the closest to our values.

This award is reassigned every year, therefore it is possible that a winery may not be reconfirmed as a Snail each time: the main causes could be a change in management, the unavailability of products for the current year, an evident decrease in average quality of the vintage or, generally, a change of values. The Guide is a unique and original product, every year a different version of itself.

Here we are, the following is a list of the 21 new Snail wineries!



Ferdinando Principiano, Monforte d’Alba

Tenuta Migliavacca, San Giorgio Monferrato

Valfaccenda, Canale



Possa, Riomaggiore



Lorenzo Bongiovanni, Avio



Case Paolin, Volpago del Montello



Ronc dai Luchis, Faedis

Roncùs, Capriva del Friuli



Ampeleia, Roccastrada

Cappellasantandrea, San Gimignano



Pantaleone, Ascoli Piceno

Poderi Mattioli, Serra de’ Conti



De Fermo, Loreto Aprutino

Tenuta Terraviva, Tortoreto



Vinica, Ripalimosani



I Cacciagalli, Teano

Rocca del Principe, Lapio


Antica Enotria, Cerignola

Alessandro Bonsegna, Nardò

Plantamura, Gioia del Colle



Grifalco, Venos



We’ll see you on the 18th of February in San Francisco, for the presentation of the Slow Wine Guide 2020, english version!